Frequently Asked Questions:

What is your address?

1130 W 103rd ST Kansas City, MO 64114

Is there parking?

We are surrounded by parking! Parking for days! You are allowed any parking spot in the Watts Mill Shopping Center.

Do you serve dinner and drinks?

Come early for dinner and stay late for drinks in our lounge after the show.

How much are show tickets?

Tickets for weekends range $15-$25, but can be more for specific events and less during the week. Check the calendar for all show pricing.

What is VIP Seating at The Comedy Club?

VIP Tickets for the 7:30pm Shows Thursday, Friday & Saturday allow VIP Ticket Holders to enjoy early admission to The Comedy Club Showroom 1 hour prior to the show, premium seating, live music provided by "The Kansas City Bass Concert Series" and a relaxing head start with full service dining and drinks available.

VIP Tickets for the 10pm shows Friday & Saturday allow you early admission to the show room 30 minutes prior to the show and VIP Preferred Seating

Is there a food and drink minimum?

There is no 2 item showroom minimum. The Comedy Club does not enforce a 2 item minimum, because we want you to have 3, or more items! Between drinks, dinner and our famous grilled bananas we’re sure you can find more than 2 items worth your time.

When do I pay for my food and drinks in the showroom?

Your server will swipe your card when you order and keep an open tab, but you will finalize your bill after the show. Dropping checks while your headlining comedian is on stage can be standard practice in comedy clubs, but it can also be distracting to the performance. We want you to enjoy yourself and focus on the funny, so we do not drop checks during the show. The way we combat that is we swipe your card at the table when you order and keep an open tab. At the end of the show your server will bring you a printed and itemized bill to look over and sign. Cash tickets will be settled standardly after last call and prior to the end of the show.

Is there an age limit?

Yes, The Comedy Club is 18+ Valid ID required at all shows.

How long is a Stand-Up Comedy Show?

A standard comedy show lasts 90 minutes.

Are you handicap accessible?

The Comedy Club is ADA compliant.

Am I allowed to talk during the show?

Stand-Up Comedy is live entertainment, so any talking can be distracting to people around you and disruptive to the performer, as well. As much as you may think you are “helping the show” you are more than likely NOT helping the show. You will generally be given a warning for talking and asked to leave if it continues.

Are Cell Phones allowed in the showroom?

Yes, but on silent. We understand people have babysitters and kids at home, so we don’t take your phone, but we do ask all phones be turned to silent and if you have to text, make a call, or play Candy Crush that you quietly leave the showroom to do so.

Can I record the show with my phone, or professional camera?

There is absolutely no recording, or photography of any kind allowed during the show. If you are caught recording the show you will be escorted to the lobby, so you can delete any files. If you are caught again you will be escorted to the lobby to delete your files and not allowed back in the showroom. The Comedy Club is under contract with many of our performers and even trying to snip a quick clip for Facebook, or your scrap book puts us in direct violation of those agreements.